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This Free  Guide from Paragon Innovations gives you The 10 Essential Elements to help make your Product Development project successful!

Mike Wilkinson is the founder and co-owner of Paragon Innovations in Richardson, TX.  Over the last 25 years Mike and the Paragon team have developed and brought to market products in industries as diverse as medical devices, IoT, automotive, commercial video equipment, security systems and consumer electronics.


Ron Farmer

Mike Wilkinson and Paragon Innovations helped develop all of our early products. They were responsive, knowledgeable and always ready for my next project. I easily recommend Mike and his team.

Jay Lopez
CEO, Estill Medical Technologies

We had a crazy-tight deadline for a product development project.  Mike and Paragon Innovations delivered on time and within budget.

In this Free Guide, you'll learn:

How to Research and Refine your product idea.

How to Choose an Experienced Design Team

How to Verify Regulatory Requirements


"Product Development: The 10 Essential Elements"

...And More...




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